Please see the table below for details on the valuation of the data types we are currently accepting. These valuations were reviewed and approved by the SEC as part of our formal filing. A full table of all of the data types and valuations approved by the SEC is available in our SEC Form 1-A Filing.

Data Type

Shares per Initial File

Extra Submissions Allowed at Initial File Value

SubTotal Shares at Initial File Value

Additional Files of Same Type Allowed 

(@ 10 shares each)

SubTotal Additional Shares

(@ 10 shares each)

Max Possible Shares

DNA Genome-Wide Genotyping







Electronic Survey 

(per ~10min it takes on average to complete)


Updates 1x/yr

Each Survey topic is considered a new data type submission and valued at 2 Shares per ~10min to compete (as estimated by LunaDNA)

Health Records - Clinical Data*1No maximum for unique individual recordsDependent on number of patient encounters and unique individual records generated and submitted each year.

  • Additional Files - The same data type may be contributed more than once up to the maximum defined in the table above contingent on confirmation of different content in the additional file. The additional files of the same data type are each only worth 10 Shares vs. the “initial file” share value. Example: 2 DNA Genome-Wide Microarray files, 23andMe and AncestryDNA may both be submitted. The first is worth 50 Shares, the second 10 Shares.)

  • Extra Submissions - Submissions of the same file type accepted at the “initial file” share value. This will be more relevant for future data types.

*Note on Health Records: For more information on earning shares from Health Records, you can review this article: "How many shares are my electronic health records worth?"