Community ownership means people who join LunaDNA and share health data can claim shares of ownership in LunaDNA. LunaDNA is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a security (i.e. a stock). As such, individuals can obtain shares in LunaDNA similar to other stocks and securities.

Shares are available to LunaDNA members based on the types and amount of DNA and health data that you contribute to research - as defined by the LunaDNA Consent and Privacy Policy each member signs. Instead of paying money for your shares, you are sharing your data for research. You can delete your data at any time, and the shares in LunaDNA will be recovered. The SEC qualification includes a valuation for each type of data you share.

As profits are generated from the research conducted in the platform, shareholders in LunaDNA are entitled to dividends (cash distributions) in proportion to how many shares they own.