Each time you contribute data and earn shares of LunaDNA, you will need to complete a Subscription Agreement. This is a standard form for any private company selling shares in a security to individuals or accredited investors. To access the Subscription Agreement to claim shares you must do 3 things: (1) share data on the platform, (2) establish provenance, and (3) establish US residency (complete your contact information in Settings). 

You can review your claimed and unclaimed shares in your Shares page and start the claim process from this page as well.

Here's how you claim shares:

  • Go to your Shares page

    • Click the circle avatar to open the sidebar menu

    • Scroll to the Shares section

    • Click "View All" next to your share total

  • You should see two buttons: "Claim" and "Donate". You have the option to claim or donate your shares.

  • To claim, click the "Claim" button and complete the Subscription Agreement form.

What if you don't see the claim button?

  • Check the status of your shared data. (Go to your My Data page.)

    • If it is in "processing" or "failed", then the data is not yet eligible for shares. It must say "success".

  • Check your share status. (Shares tile on the sidebar - should say "reserved" or "earned")

  • Look on your Shares page. If you see any data in the "Unclaimed Shares" section but no "Claim" button, there should be helpful links underneath the table to help tell you what you need to do to claim shares. (This may include adding your name, your country of residence), etc.

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