LunaDNA’s intention will be to notify you via a notification in your dashboard and an email to your member email address with announcements regarding dividend disbursement and the actual declaration of dividend disbursement. Subject to the availability of shares at that time, you may complete any share elections and the associated subscription agreement, if you have not done so already. The declaration of the dividend disbursement date could be up to 60 days ahead of the actual record date. The record date is the cutoff date established by LunaDNA to determine which shareholders are eligible to receive a dividend. The payment date would be approximately 30 days after the record date.

If you have not completed the subscription agreement prior to the record date, you will not be eligible to receive dividends during that disbursement. Again, subject to availability of shares at that time and if you complete the subscription agreement, you will still be able to claim your shares after the disbursement, and be eligible for future dividend disbursements associated with those shares.