The Family Finder – Download Your Raw Data page allows you to download files of your raw results and your Family Finder matches. Files in CSV or XML format can be opened using a spreadsheet program such as Excel. GZIP files can be extracted using many free programs available on the internet.

Step 1: Sign into your myFTDNA account. The Sign In button is in the top right hand corner.

Step 2: On the page, look in the Family Finder section. You should see a link to "download raw data".  Click the link. You will be taken to an informational page about your data.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on the data and build you wish to download. We recommend either Build 37 Raw Data Concatenated as it includes both the Autosomal and X Chromosome data. 

Remember that these files are typically in a zipped format and you will need to unzip to access the CSV file.

Family Tree DNA does not have a file format for Y-chromosome DNA single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) results. However, your raw data, the actual values for each SNP, will be available on the Y-DNA – Haplotree & SNPs page of your myFTDNA account. You may then copy and paste them into an email or into a spreadsheet program such as Excel.