Your date of birth is used for three main things on the LunaDNA platform. 

First, your date of birth is used to confirm you as the account owner on your account when you ask us to take any support actions on your behalf.

Second, your age is an important criteria for many types of research studies. For example, several diseases have genetic factors associated with the age of onset of disease (ex. Alzheimer's). Researchers may want to focus their studies on an aggregated data set that only includes data from members of a certain age range.

Third, your date of birth actually helps us remove personally identifying information from any medical records that you share on our platform. For example, we are able to use your date of birth to set relative values for dates in your medical record associated with specific events (like a blood test, etc.). Those dates in your medical records can be used to re-identify you when paired with other information. We change those dates to relative values associated with your date of birth to increase protections around your privacy.