We have three statuses for shares associated with a member's ability to make their share election and two statuses associated with their actual share election. 

Status AssociationStatusWhere You See ItWhat It Means
Ability to make share electionPendingDashboardThe data that you uploaded is still being processed. You will not be able to claim or donate your shares until your data is processed successfully.
ReservedDashboardReserved shares are calculated for (1) members who have only contributed survey data without any additional files OR (2) for members who are not residents of the United States. Learn more here.
EarnedDashboardOnce your data has passed our quality control checks, you have established you are a resident in a country with which LunaDNA has established regulatory approval, and you have established provenance - that is proof that you are a real person with real data, your shares are "earned" and you are eligible to claim them (take ownership) or donate them.
Share electionClaimedSettingsYou have taken ownership of your "earned" shares by completing the associated subscription agreement. You will be able to earn dividends from these shares (or donate the dividends to a charity of your choice).
DonatedSettingsYou have chosen to donate your shares back to the LunaDNA community. You may chose to claim ownership at a later date.