LunaDNA currently accepts DNA files from four vendors: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA, and MyHeritage. From time to time, these companies update the format of their raw data files. This affects our quality control processes for accepting your data.

We have a comprehensive quality control process to check the accuracy and quality of your DNA files to ensure optimal data is being used for health discovery. Part of this check includes verification that the file came from the company you selected at upload, and meets the formatting we expect from that company. When the company makes changes to their file formats, we must update our quality checks. Without these updates, your files will likely return a 920 error code or other error code at upload.

We do our best to monitor these companies for new file formats, but we don't always determine new formats exist before our members run into these upload errors. Once we identify the new formats, we immediately begin the process to update our quality check. You can help by letting us know when you see these types of errors!

You can learn more about error codes here and/or email LunaDNA at for assistance.