Common error codes you may experience on LunaDNA and what they mean:

  • 401: Your computer's clock is likely out of sync with internet time causing time out at log-in. More help.

  • 920: The DNA file you uploaded is either a duplicate file or the file format does not match our expectations.
    • Duplicate files: Check "My Data" - have you already uploaded this file before and didn't realize it was accepted?
    • File format: Did you select the correct company for upload? (ex. is your file from 23andMe and did you click the 23andMe tile?)
    • File format: Sometimes the DNA test providers (23andMe, AncestryDNA, etc.) update their file formats. If we have not identified the change and updated our quality process, this may return an error. Learn more.

  • Link in Email Verification email returns an error message: The link expires 24 hours after the email was created. If you see an error message after clicking the link, this is typically the cause. For more help, follow the instructions at this link.