To delete your health records, you must "disconnect & delete" the portal whose data you wish to delete. You can access your Patient Portal connection(s) in the My Connection section of your My Data page. If you want to delete any data from a specific portal, we must delete all of the data shared from that portal connection and disconnect that portal. To ensure the upmost accuracy of data for discovery purposes, we cannot enable piecemeal deletion of data from a particular portal. 

Given the number of component files (or records) associated with patient portals, when you choose to disconnect & delete, it may take a few minutes before the My Data page updates to show the files have been deleted.

Deleting EHR data on LunaDNA does NOT delete any of your health records in your Patient Portal.

Please note: if you disconnect a portal, we will not automatically delete the data associated with that portal. Disconnecting a portal, will ensure no new data is shared on LunaDNA from that portal. When you disconnect a portal, you will be asked if you also wish to delete all of the data previously shared from that portal or not. For more information see this article: How do I disconnect my patient portal from LunaDNA?