To disconnect your patient portal, visit your My Connections page. You can access this from the Dashboard - My Data tile - click "Manage Data" and scroll down to the My Connections section. Within that section, you will be able to see all patient portals that you have connected to LunaDNA. To disconnect a specific patient portal, click the disconnect icon next to that portal. You will have two options to consider:

  1. "Suspend" - We will no longer sync data (i.e. add new data) from this patient portal to LunaDNA. This does NOT delete any data previously synced to LunaDNA.
    • You will maintain all of the LunaDNA shares that you earned by sharing this data for research.
  2. "Disconnect & Delete" - We will delete all the data from the patient portal currently on LunaDNA, and completely disconnect the portal. 
    • Any LunaDNA shares you earned from this data will be recovered by LunaDNA.