Release v1.1.0 includes major features and many minor improvements.

Major Updates:

  1. Members of LunaDNA are now able to connect their Electronic Health Records to their LunaDNA account.  
    • All data connections to the patient portal(s) are handled by Medfusion
    • Members are able to earn shares for sharing their medical records for research
    • The number and type of records come directly from the health provider
    • After a connection is established, data is synced from the portal weekly
    • Members may disconnect their patient portal(s) at any time
  2. New Manage Data section
    • Members will see that data has moved from the Settings section
    • All data that is Processing or Complete is displayed
    • Members can interact with all data and connections that they have added

Minor Updates:

  • Updated new member registration to include the ability to change phone number
  • Added support for additional versions of DNA microarray files
  • Added option to logout to the header
  • Added option to go directly to the Manage Data section to the header
  • Improved the usability of the Family Medical History survey
  • Fixed issues with login and registration from member support tickets