As a participant in the University of Vermont Health Network (UVMHN) study you will be generating data in your health records as well as a taking part in a genetic test focused on your genetic predisposition to certain conditions. To ensure the data from this study is in LunaDNA and available for research by Vermont Health Network, you should complete two steps:

  1. Transfer the data from your genetic test into LunaDNA.
  2. Connect your UVM Health MyChart portal. (URL =

To share this data, please follow these steps:

  • From your dashboard, select "Contribute" from the MyData tile or select the "Contribute Data" icon in the top navigation menu.
  • Click "Link a Study"
  • Select "University of Vermont Health Network" study
  • Transfer your genetic test results
    • Enter your Invitae Order Number
      • Invitae is the clinical lab with whom UVMHN is partnered to complete your genetic testing.
      • The order number can be found either (1) on the order form when your sample was submitted to Invitae by UVMHN, or (2) on your results report that you received back from Invitae.
    • Enter your Date of Birth
    • Select "Begin Transfer"
    • LunaDNA will submit your information to Invitae so that they can match to your results. Your results will be transmitted through a secure integration from Invitae to LunaDNA and linked to your account.
  • Connect your UVM Health MyChart portal
    • If you just completed transfer of your genetic results, you should be presented with an option to connect your portal.
    • This will take you to the "Share Your Health Records" page. You can also navigate here from your dashboard (select Contribute Data, then select "Connect a portal")
    • Click "Connect Portal" - this will open a workflow to connect your patient portal.
    • Click "Add Connection" and select "Portal website address"
    • Enter the URL:
    • Click "Search". You should receive one result for "The University of Vermont Medical Center"
    • Select that portal, enter your portal username and password and select "connect".
    • You can go back to your dashboard at this point - it may take a few minutes for the connection to establish and data to pull into LunaDNA.