I tried to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) but it wouldn't accept my phone number.

  • Please double check you entered your phone number correctly. 
    • Make sure you selected the correct country flag (it will default to US) 
    • The country flag automatically adds the country code to the number when sending the text. The country code will not appear in the phone number field
    • Please do not add any preceding zeros ("0", "00") or ones (1) to your phone number for the country code.
    • Then enter any area code (for states, provinces, etc.) followed by the rest of the phone number. 
  • Please confirm the phone number you entered is a cell phone or Google Voice number. The text will not work to a landline or other service to receive text messages.

Error message: "We are having trouble using this phone number."

This error often means your cell phone or Google Voice number is already in use on another Luna member account. You can only have one Member account associated with a single phone number. Things you can consider:

  • Is there another email address you may have used to set up a Luna account already?
  • Do you have a friend or family member who may have used your number for their account?

I didn't receive the text.

  • Your phone carrier is having intermittent issues with their service - 
    • Waiting and trying again usually resolves this.
  • You are in an area with poor cell phone reception/wifi - 
    • Getting back to an area with good reception usually resolves this.
  • You changed your phone number and the text is going to an old phone number that you had setup your account with previously - 
    • Email (for Members) OR Admins) and provide the following information so we can confirm you as the account owner and help you update your:
      • Provide the email address on your Luna account for which you need to update the phone number (your support ticket email should come from this email address)

      • Provide the (old) phone number currently associated with your account

      • Provide your date of birth?

      • Please do your best to describe the data that you have shared in your account to date and/or communities or registries you have joined on the platform.

        • You may have DNA files (please state vendor's name e.g. 23andMe DNA File), surveys (please state name of survey), connected patient portals

Note for Admins.

Your cell phone or Google Voice number can be associated with ONE Member account and ONE Admin account.