I tried to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) but it wouldn't accept my phone number OR I didn't receive the text.

  • Please double check you entered your phone number correctly. 
    • Make sure you selected the country flag (it will default to US) which will automatically populate the country code - for US it is "1"
    • The country code should have a "+" in front of it: "+1..."    Do not remove the "+"
    • So, a correct US number might look something like: "+15551234567"
    • Do not add any "0's" to your country code. Ex. Germany would be "+49" NOT "+0049"

  • Please confirm the phone number you entered is a cell phone or Google Voice number. The text will not work to a landline or other service to receive text messages.

  • If you are in an area with poor cell reception, it may take awhile to receive the text code. If you leave your webpage window open, the code will remain active for up to 30 minutes. If you close the window, the code will become inactive.

  •  If all of the above is confirmed, please email support@lunadna.com from the email address you used for your account and briefly state: "I set up my account but the system didn't accept my phone number." or "I set up my account but I never received a text code."(In fact, feel free to copy and paste one of those sentences!). Please include the phone number you are using or attempting to use for 2FA.