For some data types, such as various DNA files, there is limited additional research value in the same file type being submitted more than once. Since our SEC qualification is based on contributed data providing value for research (for which we provide shares in return), if the data does not provide research value, we cannot provide additional shares in LunaDNA.

An example of this is a whole genome file. 

  • When your entire genome - all of your DNA - is sequenced, the first file is very valuable for research as it shows all the differences between your DNA and what is considered typical DNA variation (referred to as the "reference").

  • If you had your genome sequenced a second time, the differences between the first time and the second time should be very minimal. Therefore, we accept a few versions of the this type of file to account for variations in technology, etc. but because additional files have very little additional value for research, we (a) provide fewer number of shares for the additional files and (b) no shares for additional files past a certain amount as qualified by the SEC as valuable for research.