Only individuals at least 18 years old may create an account in LunaDNA. However, we understand that parents or legal guardians may want to allow their child's data to be used for pediatric disease research. Therefore, we allow parents or legal guardians to create and control accounts for their children under the age of 18 ("Minor Accounts"). Within the Minor Account, the parent or legal guardian may choose to consent on behalf of their child and share their child's health information for research.

The Minor Account is completely in control of the parent or legal guardian at all times. The minor child has no access to the account (unless for some reason the parent or legal guardian shares their log in details with the child).

You can learn more about Minor Accounts in the LunaDNA Privacy Policy.

Here are some additional resources related to minors and online accounts:

Children's Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) Rule

GDPR (Child consent & Data protection)

Please contact LunaDNA's Privacy team at: if you have additional questions.