Some studies in LunaDNA enable you to upload a .zip file of documents as part of the shared study data. 

.zip files are a way to combine multiple documents into 1 file or folder to make it easier to upload. They also compress the size of all the files to make the upload faster and storage easier.

Here's how to create a .zip file:

Most computers today, allow you to create a .zip file without additional software.

1) A computer with Windows:

  • Select all the documents you wish to include
  • Right click, and select "send to."   
  • Click on "Compressed (zipped) folder."  
  • This will create the zip folder you can upload.  

2) a Mac computer:
  • Create a new folder
  • Put the files you want to compress in the folder, 
  • Right click on the folder and click "Compress".   
  • This will create the zip folder you can upload.

If your computer does not include these options, you can search for publicly available software that is free to download. Many options exist.