This guide provides details on how you can share your electronic health records (EHR) by connecting your patient portal(s) to your Luna member account.


Quick Guide

  • Go to: 
  • Select the "Connect Portal"
  • Search for your patient portal and select the correct portal
  • Enter your login credentials for your patient portal 
  • Your portal is now connected! (It may take a few minutes to connect and up to 24 hours for your health records to start showing up in your account.)

As long as you keep the portal connected, your data will sync automatically. We check weekly for any new data in your portal to pull over.

Detailed Guide – with Troubleshooting


Step 1: Login

  • Go to and enter the email address and password associated with your account
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  • If you are connecting a child's or ward's patient portal to their account click on the appropriate account after login. If you are connecting your own patient portal, select yourself ("owner").

Step 2: Navigate to the Connect Patient Portal Wizard

  • On the dashboard, click “Link a Health Account” in the top middle of the page.

  • Scroll down and click “Connect  Portal”.

Step 3: Find and Connect Your Patient Portal

  • In the small window that opens, click “Add a connection”

  • Select “Portal website address” for your search option. This is typically the easiest way to find your portal in the directory.

  • Copy and paste the URL for your patient portal into the field provided and click “Search”

  • Troubleshooting Tip: You may encounter this error (see screenshot). If you do, click the back error in the top left of the small window, re-paste the URL into the field provided and then delete some of the address starting from the right most part of the address. 

    1. Shorten: 

  • Select (by clicking on) your portal in the list that appears

  • Enter the username and password for your patient portal in the fields provided, and click “Connect”

  • Troubleshooting Tip: If you do not remember your portal login credentials, click the “I don’t know my credentials” link. This will open a window from which you can launch your portal website. There you can try to login and/or use the patient portal’s forgot password feature to aid you.

  • After entering your portal credentials and clicking “Connect” you will see the following window. At this time, you can close the window by clicking the “x” in the top right of the window OR click the screen outside the small window to go back to your Luna account.
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  • It will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the system to validate the credentials that you entered. After validating credentials, records from your portal will be copied into your Luna account. This may take up to 24 hours for the initial sync.

Step 4: Confirm the Connection was Successful

  • In your account, click on My Data (tab at the top of the account page)

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  • Look for the section titled “# Connected Portals”. You should see an icon there for your portal with a status associated with it.
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  • Once your health records start syncing to your account, the section “# Electronic Health Records” will look something like this.

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Step 5: Troubleshooting Connections

  • Family Portal Accounts or Portal with Multiple Profiles
    1. If you have a single login to a patient portal that includes your child’s health records and the records of one or more other family members, the connection will fail
    2. It is not possible to confirm which profile’s records are being accessed in these types of accounts
    3. There may be other options depending on the specific studies that you are enrolled in on Luna. (See “Supporting Documents upload” for more details)

  • Credential Error – the most common error. (For all other errors, contact
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    1. Most likely issue– the username or password you entered are not correct. FIX:
      • Click “Add & Manage Connections”

      • Click on your portals name in the list
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      • Click “Update sign in details”
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      • Enter your correct username and password in the fields provided.

      • Note: if you go to your actual patient portal website and enter the same username and password and it works there, but you are still getting an error in the wizard in Luna, the search directory is likely not connecting you to the correct portal. Contact for more assistance.

  • User Action Required Error
    • Possible issue:Your patient portal may have 2FA (two-factor authentication) turned on as either optional or required. To fix:
      • If 2FA is optional, but you have it turned on – 
        • Go to your patient portal website, login, and turn off 2FA
        • Connect your patient portal on Luna and allow the data to sync. Then, you can go back to your patient portal and turn 2FA back on, if you prefer. This will prevent additional data from syncing to your Luna account.

      • If 2FA is required, you cannot connect your patient portal at this time. There may be other options depending on the specific studies that you are enrolled in on Luna. (See “Supporting Documents upload” for more details)

    • Possible issue: Your portal needs you to change your password or accept new terms & conditions or privacy policy. Login to your portal to make these updates.

Step 6: I can’t connect my portal - Supporting Documents Upload

  • If a study has supporting documents enabled, you can upload your health records.

  • First, login directly to your patient portals. Here you can request a download of all of your records:
    1. Search for “download records” or “share records” to find the process to download your records
    2. Note: there is also often a “request health records” option – this is for hard copies and typically costs money. You don’t want to do this! The download records option is free
    3. Once you find the download process, request all of your records. It will typically be downloaded to your computer in a ZIP file (e.g., This is the format that you will use to upload to your account on Luna
    4. If your records aren’t downloaded as a ZIP file, they should all still be in one folder. Most computers allow you to right-click on the folder and choose “compress” or “create .zip file”. Once you have a ZIP file of your records, go to the next step

  • Find the study for your Community that has this option in it:
    1. Go to your dashboard

    2. Scroll down to the “studies” section

    3. Select the study that has the Support Document package option in it.

    4. Scroll down to “Supporting Documents Package”
      • You may have to answer a prerequisite to confirm that you were not able to connect your records to the platform before the “proceed” button appears

    5. Click “Proceed”

    6. Create a .ZIP file of all of your records. See this article for helpful hints on the easy way to make a ZIP file:

    7. Click “Select a .ZIP file” to select the ZIP file you just created on your computer and upload it to your account. (You can see the uploaded file on the My Data page.)
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Attached below is a short video of the process: