Creating member accounts and accounts for minors (children), wards (adults unable to manage their own account), and deceased minors or wards. Refer to the attached short 3 minute video to see this in action. 


Creating a Standard Account

  1. Enter your email address (it can only be associated with one Luna account).

  2. Enter a password following the guidance on special characters. As you include each required character type, the bullet next to the guidance will turn teal. Example: I entered "Pass3" so far and the bullets are now teal for lowercase letter, uppercase letter and number. I still need more characters and a special character.

  3. Enter your country of residence and your date of birth.

  4. Select the "Myself" button to create an account for yourself.

  5. You will receive an email to the email address you entered. Click the link in the email to verify your email address.

  6. After clicking the email link a new window will open in your browser taking you to the set-up two factor authentication page.

  7. Enter a cell phone number or Google Voice number for two-factor authentication. We do not accept landlines.
    • First, select the flag for your country. It will default to the USA.
    • Second, enter your phone number. 
      • Do NOT enter the country code (e.g., do NOT enter "1" or "+##"). 
      • Do NOT enter ANY preceding zeros ("0"), e.g., no 00## or 0####...
    • Third, press submit
  8. You will receive a text code to the phone number you entered. Type the code into the field on the page provided to verify your phone number.

  9. Your account has been created. Next you will be asked to consent to share data that will be used in a de-identified manner for health-related research based on the studies you choose to join on Luna.

Creating an account for your Minor or Ward

  1. Follow steps 1 through 3 for "Creating a Standard Account", then:

  2. Select the "Managing a Minor or Ward"

  3. A small window will open for you to select Minor or Ward. Choose the appropriate one.

  4. Follow steps 5 through 8 in "Creating a Standard Account" to verify your email address and setup two-factor authentication.

  5. After verifying your account details, you will be asked to enter information about your Minor or Ward so that their account can also be set up under your login.
    • First, complete your Minor's or Ward's name, date of birth, and other information
    • Second, associate your Minor or Ward with any communities your own account is already associated with if you so choose (you will be presented with a list of just communities from which to choose).

  6. After completing details about your Minor or Ward, you will go to their account and complete a consent on their behalf to share data about them that will be used in a de-identified manner for health-related research based on the studies you choose to join on their behalf / from their accounts on Luna.

  7. You can switch between your account and your Minor's or Ward's account by going to: Menu - Switch Accounts.


Creating an account for a Deceased Minor or Ward

  1. Follow the steps for "Creating a Minor or Ward Account"
  2. At step 5, check on the "deceased" box when entering the Minor's or Ward's information.

NOTE: If you are creating an account for a loved one who has passed away, please select minor or ward based on the age they were at the date of death.

Additional Tips

  • You can now make multiple minor or ward accounts at (almost) the same time while creating your guardian/caregiver account.

  • You can add a new minor or ward account from the guardian/caregiver account's settings at Menu - Settings - Connected Accounts.

  • You can add the minor and ward accounts to any communities the guardian/caregiver is a part of during minor/ward account creation. If the guardian/caregiver is not a member of any communities, none will be shown and you should select "skip for now".