In collaboration with communities and members on Luna, we have updated the process for creating member accounts and accounts for minors (children), wards (adults unable to manage their own account), and deceased minors or wards.


Refer to the attached short 3 minute video to see this in action. 


A few details of note:

  • If you are making an account for a deceased minor or ward, you can designate this when entering the minor's or ward's information. (Guidance on this provided at 24sec in video and how this is entered starts at 54sec.)

  • You can now make multiple minor or ward accounts at (almost) the same time while creating your guardian/caregiver account. (See modal optionality at 1min 34sec.)

  • You can add a new minor or ward account from the guardian/caregiver account's settings. (See process starting at 1min 41sec in video.)

  • You can add the minor and ward accounts to any communities the guardian/caregiver is a part of during minor/ward account creation (See modal at 2min 36sec.) If the guardian/caregiver is not a member of any communities, none will be shown and you should select "skip for now"

NOTE: If you are creating an account for a loved one who has passed away, please select minor or ward based on the age they were at the date of death.

Once you designate the minor or ward as deceased, the date of birth checker is turned off.