Share your feedback - July through end of August 2022

We’ve recently launched a new study experience (above, right). We’d love to hear your feedback on how the new experience compares to the old (above, left). Both experiences will be accessible through the end of August 2022 in any study you have joined. 

Email your feedback to with "study experience feedback" in the subject line.

Figure 1: Left - Old study experience; Right - New study experience

Check out both experiences:

  • Login to your Luna account at

  • Click on one of the study tiles in your study dashboard to go to the page for that study

  • Depending on your settings you will land on either the OLD experience (Figure 1 - top left) or the NEW experience (Figure 1 - top right)

  • Check out the OLD and NEW experiences and when you are ready, send an email to with your feedback. (If you can, please put "Study experience feedback" in the subject line.

To switch from the OLD experience to the NEW experience

  • Click the blue text link in the study description at the top of the page that says: "Try the new study experience"    

To switch from the NEW experience to the OLD experience: 

  • Make sure you are on the first "overview" page, and click the blue text link that says: "Switch to old study view"