Currently, you have two options for joining a community on the Luna platform:

  1. Community Hub
    Some communities have made their presence public on the platform. In this case, they show up in the Community Hub, which you can navigate to from your dashboard.

    On the Hub, you can read more details about each community and click "join" to join their membership.

  2. Invitation from the Community Admin
    You may receive an invitation in one of the following ways:
    • You find their website and click a link from there to setup your account
    • You find them on social media and click a link from there to setup your account
    • You are a part of their organization outside of Luna and provided your contact information to them. They may email you a link with which to setup your account
    • Etc.
NOTE: Joining a community grants the community admin permission to contact you about things related to the community(e.g., new resources, new studies, etc.). To do this they use the Luna Recontact Agent, which allows them to contact you without knowing your name or email address.