Currently, you have three options for joining a study on Luna:

  1. Public Studies
    These studies are accessible to all members on the Luna platform. You click on "My Studies" from your dashboard to see what is available.

  2. Community - Visible Studies
    If you are a part of a community, you can view any "visible" studies that community has from the Community page, which you get to by clicking on the community's tile from your Dashboard - My Communities section.

    Once on the Community page, you can scroll to under the Messaging Center to see visible studies. A study is visible if it is available to all community members to review (though not all members may be eligible to join). These studies are also on your My Studies page.

  3. Community - Not Visible Studies
    Studies that are not visible, or invisible, require an invitation in order for you to review and join. Most often these come as emails directly to your or messages to your Messaging Center using the Recontact Agent.

    Once you have clicked on an invitation to a study, that study will show up on your Community page and on your My Studies page, even if you choose not to join it.

By clicking on a study or clicking on an invite link to a study, you can go to the study's main page to review the study details. 

To actually join, you must click the "join" button and if any prerequisites or study-specific consents are associated with the study, you must complete those before being enrolled.

NOTE: Joining a study grants the study admin permission to contact you about things related to the study (e.g., reminders to complete data requests, addition of new data requests, information about new phases of the study, etc.). To do this they use the Luna Recontact Agent, which allows them to contact you without knowing your name or email address.