When you first setup your cell phone or Google Voice number for two-factor authentication (2FA), you are provided with ten (10) recovery codes. Each code can be used one-time to login to your account in place of a text code to your phone. You should save these in a safe place!

To Login with a Recovery Code:

  • Login with your email address and password as normal at member.lunadna.com
  • When you land on the page that asks you to enter the text code, you will need to click the link under the code field that says "Use Recovery Codes. 
  • This will open a page with a field in it to enter one of your remaining recovery codes.
  • Enter one of your recovery codes in the "code" field on this page and press "submit".

Generating New Recovery Codes

  • Click on Menu

  • Click on Settings (View All)

  • Click on Security Settings, Update Security Settings

  • Click on the tab that says "Two-factor authentication"

  • Click the button that says Generate new recovery codes

This will give you 10 new recovery codes. Each one can be used once to login. So, save them in a safe space and delete or mark them as used as you use them. We get down to 1 left, you can follow the steps above to regenerate a new set.