When you created your account, you provided a cell phone or Google Voice number for two-factor authentication (2FA). (We do not accept landlines.) From time to time, you may change your phone number. When you do, you need to update this on your account or you won't be able to receive the 2FA text code to login.

Updating Your Phone Number

  1. Use a Recovery Code to login to your Member account (help article: Using Recovery Codes)
  2. Go to Menu - Settings - View All
  3. Select "Security Settings" from left navigation bar
  4. Click "Update Security Settings" in the pop up window
  5. Select "Phone" from the left navigation bar
  6. Enter your new phone number and click "Send verification code"
  7. You will be asked to enter the code you received to complete the phone number change.

Get Support to Help You Update Your Phone Number

If you do not have any Recovery Codes left or cannot find where you saved your Recovery Codes, you will need to email support@lunadna.com and provide the following information so we can confirm you as the account owner and help you update your settings:

  • Email support@lunadna.com from the email address on your Luna account for which you need to update the phone number 
  • Provide the (old) phone number currently associated with your account
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Please do your best to describe the data that you have shared in your account to date and/or communities or registries you have joined on the platform.
  • You may have DNA files (please state vendor's name e.g. 23andMe DNA File), surveys (please state name of survey), connected patient portals