DICOM is a special format for some of the medical images taken by your doctor or specialists. They include MRIs, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, some X-Rays, and more. These image files typically have an extension of ".dcm" or ".dcm30"; for example: "Smith_brain-mri.dcm". DICOM medical images require a special type of image viewer in order to be viewed. 

On Luna, researchers may request that you share "Medical Images" so that they can take additional measurements or redo measurements that are relevant to their research goals. When you see this request in a study, it is asking you to upload a DICOM medical image.

Researchers may also ask for other types of images such as medical images that are not DICOM images or images you take yourself (such as facial images, pictures of your skin, pictures of your medication bottles, etc.). These "Other Images" will not be accepted using the "Medical Image" upload tool (which only accepts DICOM images). These other images may have a file extension of ".jpg", ".png", ".gif", etc.